About RomeoMale

How We Got Started

When doing product research, we noticed something interesting - there didn't seem to be a single website dedicated to male pleasure that wasn't a manufacturer-owned, single-product style venue.

Male sex toys are usually found in a category that can seem like an afterthought on a website filled with items for everyone.

That led us to create RomeoMale - Pleasure Products From the Modern Male Perspective.

We've collaborated with the industry's top manufacturers and our distribution partners to bring you a highly-curated collection of the best new and modern pleasure products for men.

We focused not only on function and performance standards, but looked for items with a more gentlemanly appearance.

All products have been proven body-safe, and to step things up a bit (and to save you time), all powered items are rechargeable, so you never need to worry about batteries. 

At RomeoMale, you can find products to:

  • Increase Your Sex Appeal
  • Amplify Your Pleasure
  • Optimize Your Satisfaction 

Why use sex toys?

Sex toys are the best way to become a much better lover.

With toys, you can learn how to explore your entire body with greater patience and skill, understanding how to prevent immediate escalation to penis-centric masturbation. This parlays really well into appreciating your partner’s body and learning how to both relax your lover while really turning her on.

Sex toys help you break down barriers in a safe, private setting and help you understand not only your body but yourself.

Toys can also help men learn to delay orgasm, remain hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms. Once you get over this mental hump and you experience this, you’re no longer worried about ejaculating too quickly, losing your erection or not getting an erection. 

PS: If you are looking for items for couples, for women, light bondage items, battery powered pleasure products, massage oils, flavored products, or just for additional selections, please visit our sister company, www.BodyCandyRomanticTreats.com.