Liquids & Lotions Glossary

Wellness Products

Any cream, lotion, or supplement (pill) that helps your health, sexual health and/ or general well-being. See our Wellness Products Here

Sex Enhancers

Lotions, gels, sprays, balms, creams and pills that boost your sexual experience. May be arousing, offer a delay to ejaculation, or provide a temporary thickening effect. See Our Enhancers Here


Liquid or gel designed to mimic natural lubrication. Use to enhance lovemaking; for all toy play; for masturbation; for all anal play. Varieties include water based, silicone based, warming, cooling, anal, and self-play formulas. See Our Lubricant's Here


Chemical scent signals your body produces that trigger a social response from others. They help draw people to you, and can even help others perceive you as attractive. Pheromone-Infused products increase your naturally-occurring pheromone output to maximize your appeal.  See Pheromone Products Here


Toy Glossary


A band of stretchy material worn on the penis to restrict the flow of blood out of the penis. Creates a fuller, firmer erection. May be non-vibrating, and also offered in vibrating styles to stimulate both partners through various modes and speeds of vibration. See Cockrings Here


Object used for sexual stimulation via insertion into the rectum/ anus. Usually cylindrically shaped with a rounded or tapered tip at one end and a flared base at the other. May be vibrating or non-vibrating. Designed to be inserted and can remain stationary to provide a feeling of fullness /stretch and to help stimulate the wearer's sensitive nerve endings located in the anal opening. Can be worn while penetrating a partner to provide additional stimulation. Can also be worn over extended periods of time to dilate the anus in preparation to receive anal sex. See Our Plugs Here

Prostate Massager

A device that's curved or wavy in shape that users can easily insert into the anus. It may come equipped with a finger loop for easy removal and control, or may offer an additional portion designed to rest against the perineum for extra pleasure. By clenching the muscles, users pivot the device forward, allowing for contact with the prostate. When the muscles relax, the device reverts back to its stationary position. This stroking motion stimulates the prostate and often results in full-body orgasms.  See Massagers Here

Masturbation Device

A device used by men to assist in self pleasure and penis stimulation. May be tube-like in appearance, or may surround or encircle the penis while remaining open. Can mimic the sensation of being with a partner. See Masturbation Devices Here


A device that uses suction to draw blood into and engorge the penis, creating an erection and heightening sensitivity.  See Pumps Here


Typically a flexible strand of round or oblong shapes, which are usually graduated in size from smallest to largest. Designed to be inserted into the anus and pulled out to create sexual stimulation, starting with the smallest bead and working up to the largest one, as comfort allows. See Beads Here